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Queen's College has always been a school that believes in catering to a wide cross-section of young people throughout the community. As a fully comprehensive school, operating under the auspices of the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church, our interests lie not only in academic excellence but also in raising well-rounded, courteous, spiritually grounded global citizens.

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Important Message from the Accounts Department

FEES—Please note that fees for the 3rd term are PAST DUE . After March 15th, a balance on a student account was considered past due and a late fee of $100 was charged for each student on an account with a past due balance. Outstanding fees inclusive of the late fees must be paid immediately.
The Accounts Office will accept cash, cheque, debit, or credit card for late fee payments only. Late fees can also be paid online via Royal Bank or FCIB International. How To Pay Bills Online

    The following consequences apply until the account no longer has an outstanding balance:
  • · Students will not be allowed to attend classes.
  • · Students will not be allowed to take internal examinations.
  • · Students will not be eligible to receive any reports or transcripts.
  • · Students will not be allowed to go on class trips or other school related events.
  • · Students will not be eligible for Graduation or promotion from Grade 6 to Grade 7.

**Fees are due in July for the 1st term, November for the 2nd term, and March for the 3rd term, unless otherwise noted.**

· Payments can be made online via Royal Bank or First Caribbean International Bank.
· If payments are made at FCIB branches other than FCIB Palmdale, parents will be responsible for presenting proof of payment to the Accounts Office.
· Refer to the link on www.qchenceforth.com for guidance on making online payments via FCIB.

Primary Years Spelling Bee Word Lists

Easter at The Galaxy

Easter Flyer 2017


Queen’s College Cometfest Fair on March 25th, can be branded as a ‘fair with flair’. The air was filled with an array of music from Bahamian to Gospel. The colors that beamed from the tents mixed with vendors creativity brought life and flavor to the field.

This ‘fair with flair’ had a diversication of vendors from Dot Miller, Bahamian Cacique and Icon Award winner, to parent vendors selling anything from craft to gourmet delights. We also had artisians who were alumni’s such as Andrew Burrows, whose sponge designs captivated the eye of those who visited his booth. Oh dear, how can one forget the sweet delights, the array of drinks, the seafood, international food, the crab and doe, the conch fritters just to name a few. The grillers sure put flavor to the savory steak and chicken, everything was just ‘finger licking good to the bone’!

The Easter basket veranda manned by administration popped the entrance making one feel like they were entering a spring wonderland! There were also Books on sale by the High School Library and the Primary Years. I am sure the buyer felt a ‘groovy feeling’ when entering the Primary segment; just seeing the volunteers captivating the theme through their groovy clothing added flavor to the theme.

If one was tired walking up and down, they were able to visit the mobile massage booth, where relaxation was the order of the day! There were games of all types to engage; the archery stall, to target shooting, hoop la and a father and son basketball game. There were mascots parading the grounds, making each child feel like they were in ‘la la land’. Perhaps la, la land came to a halt as you heard the stories of screams and tears, or one walking out with a missing shoe, after they left The Guidance Counseling Department Scream House!

Additional flavor to the event came from the sounds that filled the atmosphere whether via the Greek dance, from guest Illusions of Evolution, to an appearance by Super Cute. We cannot leave out the High School performers and also the Primary Years performers along with the Church of God of Prophecy Wulff Road Children’s choir. Topping off the evening were the sounds from urban renewal band; oh what a party it was as the audience watched young people in action.

The whole event could not have been possible without the support from administration and staff, the parent body, volunteers and also to those who contributed and seeded into the fair.

The P.T.A. team would like to say special thanks to all.

P.T.A. president,
Samita Ferguson

A Midsummer Night's Dream

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