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QC Foundation

While Queen's College seeks to remain true to its Christian and Methodist foundations it welcomes students from all denominations and religious backgrounds. As a Christian school, we endeavor to live up to the responsibilities that such a title confers. We encourage our students to respect the rights and property of others, to take personal responsibility for their own actions, to tell the truth, to respect others, and to develop a strong sense of self-discipline. We expect all staff members to do everything in their power to ensure that students will go into a world of opportunity with confidence and with strength of character developed in a caring and secure setting. Q.C. subscribes to the ethos that all persons, staff, and students are treated fairly. Together, we aim to create and maintain an ethos of respect.

The Queen’s College Foundation has been established to solicit funds necessary for bringing our vision into reality through:

  • Endowments for the continued enhancement of the educational, physical and character-building programmes of the school.
  • Major funds to improve the physical plant, grounds, classroom/lab facilities, specialist resources, etc.
  • Sponsorship of training especially of prospective scientific and technological teachers.

The Foundation begins a new era. We cannot rest on our laurels but must continue on our track toward excellence in education.

We MUST secure resources to support the fabric of the School, our students, and faculty and in all aspects of education.

We MUST also be faithful to the Methodist tradition, reaching out to all classes of people. Empowering them, through education, to become productive citizens, with a sense of purpose, direction and focus.

As we look ahead into the 21st Century, we can be confident that the future of our nation is assured, by investing in Queen’s College as it continues developing leaders – present and future.

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