Queen's College

Primary Years Faculty


Primary Years

Grade 3 - Grade 6

Grade 3

Mrs. Melanie Cartwright
Ms. Alexandra Clarke
Mrs. Sheia Stubbs
Ms. Vanessa Turnquest - Head of Grade 3

Grade 4

Mrs. Ava Jean Knowles-Brown - Head of Grade 4
Mrs. Terah Nairn - Johnson
Mrs. Kimley Phillips
Mr. Noel Turnquest

Grade 5

Mrs. Sanshayeea Adderley - Head of Grade 5
Ms. Chelsea Ostini
Ms. Ronette Stubbs
Ms. Kathryn Winterbottom

Grade 6

Mr. Dariel Carrillo
Ms. Michelle Glasgow
Ms. Sophia Hanna
Mrs. Braquelle Newton - Head of Grade 6

Specialists Staff

Mrs. Dalys Acosta - Spanish
Mrs. Vivian Brown - Counsellor
Mrs. Veronica Campbell - Reading Intervention
Mr. Everette Fraser - P.E.
Mrs. Nicola Henderson - Librarian
Ms. Zena Hutcheson - Information Technology
Mr. Winston Thompson - Music
Mr. Dion Turnquest - Music
Rev. Cleveland D.X. Wells - Counsellor
Ms. Amy Westmarland - P.E.

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