Queen's College

Primary School History

A Brief History of Our School

Queen’s College is a co-educational institution founded in 1890 by the Methodist Church.  As such it is the oldest private school in the country and continues to operate as a grant-aided school under the auspices of the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church.  Queen’s first opened its doors in Victoria Hall Fredrick Street, headed by Rev. R. P. Dyer who served the school from 1925-1959.  The school moved to its Village Road campus in 1961. Principals who followed in Rev. Dyer’s footsteps were Mr. Geoffrey Litherland, Rev. Neville Stewart and Mr. Haydn Middleton. In recent years, former students of the school Rev. Charles Sweeting, Mr. Philip Cash and currently Ms. Andrea Gibson have served as principals of the school.

Throughout our great history we have been able to provide quality affordable education to generations of students. We maintain our tradition for producing young men and women of character, and integrity: citizens who are willing to accept their responsibilities to their community and country.  In addition we have prepared our students for success and to be leaders in the past, in the world today and in the future.

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