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Student Community Service

Community Service is the idea of giving your efforts, willingly and free of charge, to an individual or organization that benefits from your help. Community service is not doing your chores (that’s part of being a family) nor is it helping a business. Community service means that you are helping those without the resources to help themselves, or helping a non-profit agency.

In an ideal world all students would automatically be doing just this. But we know that sometimes a push, big or small, is necessary to get people started on something beneficial that they might not necessarily have arrived at on their own. That is why our school, like many private and public schools around the world, has introduced a community service promotion and graduation requirement.

Community Service is one of the primary ways that we can teach our students citizenship. We at Queen’s College believe that to be a good citizen, one has to learn the value of giving to your community. We hope that this becomes a lifelong value for each of our students.

Community Service Requirements

Grade 7
  • 5 Hours
  • 5 Hours
Grade 9
  • 10 Hours
Grade 10
  • 10 Hours
Grade 11
  • 15 Hours
Grade 12
  • 15 Hours

These hours are the minimum requirements. Students may exceed the minimum required at any time. Students who complete additional hours each year beyond requirements may receive special recognition at graduation.

A printable copy of the Queen's College High School's Community Service Verification Sheet can be downloaded by clicking here . It requires the Acrobat Reader software. The form is also available from The Counselling Centre.

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