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Health Centre

Queen's College offers a campus Health Centre that is staffed by a full-time Registered Nurse. The Health Centre, clinic, is open every day during the academic year, from 8:15am to 3:15pm, for all sections of the school (E.L.C., Primary and Senior Schools), along with faculty and staff as well.

Medical cards are kept on all current students. Parents are required to complete the Medical Forms provided in the Admissions Packet provided upon acceptance into any section of the school, and again when the student enters Grade 7.

Included on these forms are questions regarding immunization records, medical history, any medication the student may be taking, and family and emergency phone numbers so the Nurse can contact parents/guardians in the event of student’s illness or accident. Parents are required to sign the consent, so students can receive medical treatment. Download Student Medical (It requires the Acrobat Reader software.)

The Clinic consists of two rooms, several bedded units, with laundry and toilet facilities. The area is fully air-conditioned.

Students can visit the Nurse at any time through the day; however, Break and Lunch times visits are encouraged rather than during class time.

Minor injuries and ailments are treated on site. If a student becomes more seriously ill parents/guardians are contacted and asked to collect the student. In serious injuries, on the instructions of parents/guardians, the student is taken to Princess Margaret or Doctor’s Hospital. Ambulances may be called, depending on each individual case.

The Nurse administers any prescription medicines in the Clinic. Medicine is not to be carried around campus.

On-campus eyesight screening is carried out each year. Referral letters are sent to parents/guardians if defective vision is found. Height and weight are recorded in Grades 1 and 2, and checks for dental carries are also carried out.


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