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Since its founding in 1890, Queen’s College has produced scores of alumni who have distinguished themselves at the local and international levels. The Queen’s College Hall of Fame was created to pay tribute to these illustrious alumni who have made significant contributions to their communities, their professions and society as a whole.

Honorees in the Queen’s College Hall of Fame are persons whose interests and activities, whether professional, vocational or voluntary, resulted in significant contributions to the betterment of their communities, or our country.

The achievements of Queen’s College Hall of Fame inductees will have reflected honour on the school. Inductees are persons whose personal qualities reflect the values of good character that Queen’s College seeks to promote in its students: respect, fairness, kindness, cooperation, honesty, dependability, responsibility, good citizenship, caring and self-discipline.

sweeting On February 16, 2003, The Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church and Queen’s College held a regional service at Ebenezer Methodist Church to launch the Queen’s College Hall of Fame and to induct Rev. Charles A. Sweeting as the first inductee.

Rev. Charles Sweeting is an alumni of Queen’s College (Head Boy), Class of 1959. He also served as a teacher of Religious Education. Rev. Sweeting served with distinction as the first Bahamian Alumni Principal of Queen’s College from 1979 until 1994, at which time he became the first Director of Development. He became the President of the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church in September 1995. In his capacity as President of the Church, he also served as Chairman of the Board of Governors until August 2002. Rev. Sweeting’s loyalty and commitment to Queen’s College has never been questioned and he is still involved in the welfare of the school.

On January 11, 2008, coinciding with the school’s 118th Anniversary, the Queen’s College family inducted two distinguished alumni into the Hall of Fame: Sir Durward Knowles, Class of 1934 and Captain Geoffrey Brown, Class of 1944.


Both inductees are dedicated to Queen’s College and its development. Sir Durward Knowles currently serves as the Chairman of the Queen’s College Foundation which spearheads fundraising efforts for the school. The Queen’s College Foundation is responsible for the building of the new Early Learning Centre as well as other campus improvement projects.

Captain Brown is a long-standing member of the Queen’s College Board of Governors and Board of Trustees, as well as the Queen’s College Foundation. Students are particularly grateful to Captain Brown for his role in the building of the Primary School computer lab and the school’s auditorium.


In 2011, during the school’s 121st Anniversary celebrations, on January 13, Dr. Keva M. Bethel was the fourth inductee into the school’s Hall of Fame. Dr. Bethel is a distinguished educator, whose career in education spanned more than four decades, beginning as a classroom teacher at the Government High School and retiring as President of The College of The Bahamas after serving the College for twenty-three years.

Dr. Bethel is an Alumna of Queen’s College, Class of 1950 (Head Girl), where at Graduation, received the prestigious Parkinson Prize for Progress. She has given invaluable service to Queen’s College as a member of the school’s Board of Governors and its Staffing Committee for some thirty years. She has given sound educational advice to the school’s leaders.

Queen’s College and indeed, the entire country, were deeply saddened to learn of Dr. Bethel’s passing on February 15, 2011. She is truly a Bahamian Legend.

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