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Academic Program at the elc


Our unique Early Learning Centre program features:

  • Engaging lessons and activities which emphasize a common leadership language
  • Standard-based curriculum
  • Instructional methods which embrace students' learning styles
  • Infusion of all subjects with 7 Habits language and concepts
  • Structured systems and guidelines for maximum student achievement
  • Timeless school traditions and the development of our leadership environment
  • Showcasing, celebrating and rewarding student achievement
  • Learning, living and modeling the leadership principles within the 7 Habits
  • Consistently learning, revisiting and refining methods to facilitate and promote students' leadership


The ELC offers a viable and guaranteed integrated curriculum that is current and research-based. Our curriculum is developmentally appropriate for the whole child. We have adopted a thematic approach to learning, incorporating project-based learning, learning centres, and hands-on/minds-on authentic learning experiences. Our teaching and learning experiences are also enhanced/accentuated with 'interactive smart boards' and other 'leading-edge' 21st century technological devices; 'We Make Learning Lots of Fun!'

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