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09 November

Full School

22 November

Thanksgiving Service / Walk-A-Thon Prizegiving
Full School
The Geoffrey Brown Auditorium
1 p.m.

12 December

Christmas Production
Foundation Years


ANNUAL SCHOOL WALK-A-THON—Friday, November 9th, 2018

We expect all of our Foundation Years students to participate and wear their P.E. clothes and a cap (water will be provided by the school). We are also expecting each student to have sponsorship of at least fifty dollars towards our school fundraiser. We look forward to your parental support and your participation in walking along side your little comet.


Please be reminded that when ordering lunch from the Q Café, kindly write Phase or Grade next to your child’s class (Example: Grade 2Q or Phase 2Q; Grade 1C or Phase 2C). Many lunch orders are delivered to the wrong classroom, because the Grade level or Phase level were not clearly indicated.

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