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Summer Workshops & Courses

May - July 2017

Positively Changing Workplace Culture

A course for management level teams from all sectors. Learn to positively reconstruct the organizational culture of your workplace by employing the highly touted principles of Servant Leadership.

Social Media 101

Whether for business or personal use, learn how to enhance your social media presence through design and layout, maintenance and promotion. This workshop is excellent for start-up businesses and any entrepreneur who is computer savvy.

Business and Report Writing for Professionals

Mid-level management reports are easy to tackle once you have the right core elements. Learn to unpack the strategy to writing a winning report every single time.

Seal the Deal - Interactive Interviewing and Resume Writing

This workshop will provide helpful tips on creating eye catching resumes. Each participant will have the opportunity to enhance their interviewing skills through mock interviews.

Leading and Motivating Teams - Servant Leadership Model

This course is a perfect motivational training for leaders in every sphere. Learn the fundamentals of how to stir a team and motivate them to follow your vision in this well-paced and highly interactive workshop. Improve your confidence and ability to lead by implementing key principles from Robert Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership model.

Excelling as a First Time Supervisor

Prepare your key members of staff for the next step in their career with your organization. This workshop helps to successfully transition employees into the role of supervisor.

Playwriting Workshop

Novice and experienced playwrights alike are welcomed to join this exciting course hosted by veteran Bahamian writer, Dr. Ian Strachan. Together, students which will work on character and narrative structure and develop each play's arc. The class will end with each student having a completed first draft of his/her play.

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