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Workshops & Courses


Intermediate Conversational Spanish

The aim of this course is to develop key skills related with the topics of everyday life and the world of work. The use of authentic written, visual materials and communicative situations will make possible the acquisition of a wide range of vocabulary, basic grammar and communication skills to interact with native speakers.

Customer Service

Each and every one of us serves customers, whether we realize it or not. Maybe you’re on the frontlines of a company, serving the people who buy your products. Perhaps you’re an accountant, serving the employees by producing their pay checks and keeping the company running. Or maybe you’re a company owner, serving your staff and your customers. This workshop will look at various customers and how we can serve them better and improve ourselves in the process.

Italian Cooking

This course is an introduction to Italian cuisine by Region and main ingredients. There will be a brief overview of the main dishes, wines and cheeses of several of the Regions, and will look at each of the courses in a typical Italian meal, from appetizers to desserts. Most of the classes will involve the preparation of a dish, and/or the sampling of food, wine and cheese. This course is restricted to adults who enjoy preparing and consuming food and wine, and who have some basic kitchen skills.

Building a Small Business

Starting from nothing? No problem! This workshop will highlight ways to:
• Create low cost ideas with maximum returns
• Low cost ways of sourcing information and material for your niche business
• Build your small business into a big brand
• Package and prepare for retailers
• Get your product or service to the market in an affordable way

Flash Photography

This intermediate workshop will explore the basics of on camera flash. Participants will explore:
• When to use your flash
• The relationship between your camera and your flash
• Pop up flash vs attachable flash
• Understanding the components of an attachable flash unit
• Understanding the inverse square Law
• Light control - balancing vs overpowering ambient light, using your flash indoors and outdoors, bouncing light and understanding eTTL/TTL

Requirements - Good understanding of the exposure triangle and manual mode Equipment Needed - DSLR (recommended attachable flash)


Introduction to Sewing

This course will focus on the basics of sewing, including: how to take correct measurements; various seam finishes; hems; zippers; how to draft and construct the bodice, sleeve, skirt and pants slopers. Classes will consist of lectures, demos, lab time, drills and sample assignments.

Computer Basics

This course introduces students to computer-related techniques, terminologies, hardware, software and information processing. Students utilise computer concepts, skills, and productivity tools such as word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation to create a variety of documents.

Natural Light Portrait Photography

Gain theoretical and practical experience with natural light in this two-day workshop.

Indoor vs Outdoor Light, camera settings, understanding light directions and how to adjust camera and lens combinations as well as planning your shoot.

Practical (Outdoors)
Aperture vs Manual vs Program Modes, choosing proper locations, proper Exposure - skin tones, background vs subject exposure, reflectors, basic posing and directing your subject as well as composition.

Speed training week

Stir personal growth and development through power-packed sessions. Topics include Values, Ethics and Morals, Embracing your Dreams, Keys to Investing, Innovation and Technology, Power of Connections and Branding 101.


Leading and Motivating Teams

This course is a perfect motivational training for leaders in every sphere. Learn the fundamentals of how to stir a team and motivate them to follow your vision in this well-paced and interactive workshop. The session will focus on Bill George's theory of authentic leadership from his book, “True North” as well as delving into the Servant Leadership model as a helpful insight into teamwork.

Social Media for Business

Three out of four people check social media before making a purchase. This workshop will equip participants with tools and tips necessary for a “winning” social media presence. This session is excellent for small businesses and any entrepreneur who is serious about maximizing leads and sales.

Excelling as a First-Time Supervisor

Prepare your key members of staff for the next step in their career with your organization. This 1-day workshop helps to successfully transition employees into the role of supervisor. Participants will be equipped with key components necessary in becoming an effective supervisor.

Investment Basics 101

This course is designed to help people build a solid financial foundation and/or recover from current financial circumstances. This workshop covers the basic personal finance lessons that can help you improve your financial situation, including lessons on: financial psychology, budgeting, investment basics and personal financial planning.

Product Photography for Crafters

Learn how to photograph your product indoors or outdoors. Key skills to be covered are:
• Basic camera set up and photography tools
• Using a camera or your phone to take pictures
• Shoot on white, black background or other colors
• Use props and building themes
• Shoot for your website vs for social media
• Marketing with photos
• Basic tips on using your photos on Facebook and Instagram and shooting behind the scenes images of your product.

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