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About C.F.E.

Queen's College's Centre for Further Education (C.F.E.) became operational on October 2nd, 1989 under the leadership of Mr. Philip Cash, who served as the first Dean. Its fundamental aim was to provide educational opportunities to students and adults by offering part-time courses to improve their qualifications and subsequently, to further develop their careers.

After Mr. Cash was appointed principal of Q.C. the CFE never had another full time Dean. The CFE programmes continued with varied periods of high registration contrasted with times when the CFE programme was somewhat inactive.

In January 2016, the Q.C. Board of Governors made a decision to move the CFE programme back into active status and appointed Dr. Eldon to spearhead the plan to build CFE into the fourth section of Queen’s College.

To this end, Queen's College C.F.E. offers PSAT and SAT preparatory classes, in addition to professional and personal development courses. Queen's College C.F.E. coordinates Primary & High School after-school classes and provides both academic and practical courses for students.

As of August 2016, Queen's College CFE is now under the leadership of Dr. Reginald Eldon, Dean. A dedicated team of professionals joins him in the running of the centre.

The QC-CFE office is located in the white two story building on the immediate right side of the North entrance when entering the campus.



Glorious Future Ahead

This is a creative move for Queen’s College; a further fulfilment of the many possibilities a school of this nature has. The revamping of C.F.E. lends itself to the Glorious Future that is in the forecast for the entire institution.

The School of Continuing Education will offer programmes for young men and women who desire to embark on a ‘second chance’ at education and career. This community element is missional in nature and will offer opportunities for community participation through sponsorship and mentorship.

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