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School fees for the 1st term 2018-2019 are due June 30, 2018. Fees for the 2nd and 3rd term are due December 01 and March 01 of each school year. We ask that you plan accordingly to ensure timely payments of your child’s fees. Late fees of $100 will be charged after the due date.

Please be advised that bills for the 1st term have been sent out this week to Foundation and Primary Years Students. If you have not received a bill, please collect one from the Accounts Office. Given that many high school students are absent during this time of the year, bills for high school students can be collected from the Accounts Office. They will also be given to high school students on June 20.

Persons who wish to pay fees for the whole school year and receive the 10% discount must first contact or visit Mr. Thompson at the Accounts Office. The 10% discount will be applied if payments are received by June 30.

Please also note that cash payments should be made at First Caribbean Palmdale only. Incomplete and incorrect information provided by other branches other than FCIB Palmdale may delay the accurate application of a payment to your fee account.

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