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Please be advised that the school has adopted a new policy concerning outstanding fees. Effective October 10, 2017, students with outstanding fees will not have class or homework assignments graded. Retroactive grading of assignments will not be done, nor will the student receive makeup assignments. Access to PlusPortals for both the student and parent will be deactivated.
In addition, the student will not be allowed to attend classes. The student will be allowed to attend classes only if a special slip is obtained from the Accounts Office. This slip has to be presented to the teacher in order for the teacher to resume grading class and homework assignments, and to reactivate access to PlusPortals.
The new policy is applicable to student accounts that have unpaid balances after the school has issued respective past due notices/letters for term tuition and fees owed.
We earnestly seek your co-operation with the settlement of all outstanding fees to the school.

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